Cal Jammer's Last Words: The Transcript

"Hello, if anybody is listening to this, this is Randy. I love everybody and uh... Nobody wanted to help me so... I knew I needed the help. There's $5,000.00, in the drawer right below underneath it in a manila folder, cash for my mother. I love you, mom and dad. I always loved you guys... I'm sorry I let you down... I wanted to tell you, my brothers I love them too and, I'm sorry for everything, you guys and it's just these, all these audits and my wife is torturing me at work, and I can't get away from it and can't get another trade. I just cant't take it. You guys are the best family you could ever have... I have a bunch of tools at 818 XXX-XXXX and then my boat's at the boat dealer, and you can just have it all. I know it's not much."