Savannah: Letter From Dad

Dear Shannon, my daughter. I LOVE YOU. Too much time has gone by since we talked on the phone-I'm glad you could be honest with me about your situation. Please don't think I don't care, I do, very much. I hope you can talk to me more, I'd like to have your phone # I've started to write lots of different times but have not been able to get out the right words. This time I won't analyze, I'll just speak from my heart. I know you are in a very tough place - I wonder why I don't come down there and try to save you from all the stuff I worry about but I know its not me who is going to save you. I am here to help any way I can but unless you ask me, I fear I'd just be pushing you away.

I want to remind you of some things I know about you. You have a sensitive and loving heart, your love runs very deep but it has not even been to the surface of your emotions. You have a beautiful and strong love inside you and also a very deep need to feel the same kind of love. I rememver the looks on your face that telegraph your feelings and thoughts - seeing you make the same expressions I made. I remember the picture of you in Texas with the fish and the sadness I feel when I think of you growing up there without me. I am sorry that you had to be exposed to all the pain a child goes through without love from both parents and it breaks my heart to think that pain is still at work inside you.

Shannon, your life has been hard - but I want you to know that the only God who made this place and you has also made that deep love that is in your heart. There is nothing that can overcome love - not anything in your life or mine can kill that love. Things may try to cover it or hide it. But once it is found, it will grow and conquer all things. Never believe the lie that love has left your heart!

I am sending you this kids book (Tell Me The Secrets) I just thought, I didn't intend it for you but I know I should give it to you. The pictures in there make me want to cry - they stir that love in me, and that love in turn causes me to think of you.
Please call me.


P. S. Although this book is for kids it has some good answers to life's secrets. I like the ones on victory, love & greatness.

Don't forget I love you just the way you are!